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Group Guidance

Our youth groups work with two or more children/adolescents in a comfortable and safe setting.  Group discussion can be relatively unstructured or may be based on structured learning activities.  This is where individuals can make connections while learning from each other in their unique way.  This allows for increased awareness, practice of new skills, and personal growth of goals and actions. Please contact us if you are interested in the following topics:

· Learning about self through Personality Assessment and Learning Style

· Self-Esteem Improvement

· Closing the Gap between Self-Perceptions and Actual Public Perceptions

· Academic Success

· Social Skills

· Positive Change

· Family Support

 “I was so impressed with the professionals at O-I-See Youth Strategies, and even more that my children were comfortable there. They took the time to make a connection with my 3 children, and they have helped my kids in reading, math, AND building confidence. O-I-See Youth professionals not only have the education, but even more importantly they have the “gift” of connecting with children.” -Hudson, WI parent of 8th, 6th, and 5th youth