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Individual Guidance

O-I-See Youth Strategies' individual guidance is a private interaction with educators, parents, or youth in order to freely explore ideas, feelings, and behaviors.  We have an educator's perspective outside the existing state/federal rules, regulations, and standards that are maintained within local districts.  We understand what comes with those words while taking into account the pressure it puts on everyone involved in student success.  

One-on-One Topics Include (but are not limited to):

Children K-12: Academic/Career/College Advice • Personality Assessment • Social/Academic/Personal Improvement • School Advocacy • Learning Style Clarification • Educational Planning • Stress • Depression • Anxiety • Self-Esteem • Self-Awareness • Positive Behavioral Change

Parents: IEP, 504, State Testing Advice, Special Education Guidance • 504/IEP Meeting Support • Educational Decisions • Parenting Strategies • Personality Assessment • Communication Improvement • Personal Change Support • Support Outside an Educational System from licensed Educators

Educators: Student/Staff Strategies • Advice from an Educator's Perspective • Communication Improvement • Ideas Outside the Box • Educational Decisions • Support Outside an Educational System 

“The professionals at O-I-See Youth Strategies have hearts of gold and care immensely for children, parents, educators, and the community we all live in together." St. Croix County, WI Educator